Hurricane Katrina

Victoria Moore, 85, Biloxi

Victoria Moore, believed to be in her 80s, was known in her East Biloxi neighborhood as a kind, church-going woman.

She was a member of First Missionary Baptist Church, not far from her Murray Street home. Her husband, Earl N. Moore, was employed at the church and was a member of the Board of Trustees. He died in March 2002.

Victoria Moore's neighbors said her health had recently declined, but she used to love working in the garden with her husband. They shared turnip greens, okra, tomatoes and other vegetables with their neighbors.

Victoria Moore also liked to cook and take long walks.

"She was one of the sweetest, kindest women you'd ever meet," said James Jones, 72, who lives on Murray Street. Jones said he never heard "Sister Moore," as she was called, say an unkind word about another person.

Hurricane Katrina flooded Murray Street with 9 feet of water, Jones said.

Resident Carlette Finkley, 50, evacuated for the hurricane and thought Moore had, too.

"When I came back," Finkley said, "I heard she drowned in the house. She was really a nice lady, and I hate that happened to her."