Hurricane Katrina

Nelson Lang, 76, Pass Christian

Nelson "Nip" Lang was a true hurricane veteran.

The 76-year-old was a past co-director of the civil defense department in Pass Christian, the city where he spent his life and where he was proud to be a perfect-attendance Rotarian.

In 1947, Lang tried to evacuate several sailboats from an approaching hurricane, but when the boats broke loose he had to dodge debris, including flying wood from bridges, just to make it through the storm.

Twenty-two years later, he made it through Hurricane Camille. His house did, too, so he, like so many other Katrina victims, thought it would be safe.

The Langs had both been in failing health before the storm. Family members urged he and Helen to leave, but they didn't. Nelson could be heard on the phone saying he had made it through Camille.