Hurricane Katrina

Kenneth Lantier, 55; Clay Lee Lantier, 95, Gulfport

Kenneth Lantier was a simple man who loved his mother, collected antiques and was a very good handyman around the home.

Lantier moved to Gulfport from the Lake Charles, La., area before Hurricane Katrina with his mother, Clay Lee Lantier. It was his love and dedication to his family that made Lantier stay through Katrina instead of evacuating their apartment near Tegarden Road in Gulfport.

You see, his mother needed home health care and Lantier stayed by her side.

"He was really nice," said Dawn Decelle, a home health nurse who cared for the elder Lantier. "He took real good care of his mother. In fact, the last time anyone saw him he was floating his mother out of the apartment on a mattress.

"He had a real thick Cajun accent, and he was a devoted Catholic, just like his mother. He waited hand and foot on his mother. They were both real sweet."