Hurricane Katrina

Evangelina Kamuf

Evangelina Kamuf, a longtime resident of Bay St. Louis, proudly displayed her Cuban heritage.

Kamuf owned Chiquita, a Mexican restaurant in Bay St. Louis for years. Chiquita is a Spanish term meaning ''little,'' but Kamuf was anything but little as a person.

Her veterinarian, Dr. James Mahler, said Kamuf had a big heart and was full of love.

"Evangelina was hot-tempered, but she always had something nice to say about people,'' Mahler said. "She was a sweetheart and a nice person."

Evangelina had great friends in the Lakeshore area. She was married to Glen Kamuf, but he died several years ago.

Mahler had taken care of Kamuf's pet Chihuahua since opening his Bay St. Louis practice in the early 1980s. He said he misses having Kamuf as a client.

"Her dog was real old,'' Mahler said. "I think the dog died during the storm.''