Hurricane Katrina

Michael Harrison, 69, Bay St. Louis

Joan Herbert says the last time she spoke with her brother Michael Harrison was Sunday morning, Aug. 28.

The Herberts, Joan and her husband, Stephen, were about to evacuate their River Ridge, La., home just west of New Orleans, and Herbert says, "He told me he was going to stay" in Bay St. Louis. "I reminded him that the governor of Mississippi was saying, 'Just get in your car and leave, drive away,' but he said he was staying." He was found there after the storm, another of the more than 160 victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Harrison, who was 68, was born in New Orleans, and attended De LaSalle High School before the family moved the Mississippi Coast about 1955. His sister says he completed his education at The Kern School, a private school in Pass Christian.

She missed most of those school years in the Pass, because she married and moved away in 1953, but she did recall one of her brother's passions.

"He loved music, all kinds of music. He was a kind of amateur musician," Herbert says, and though the name of the radio station escaped her, she remembered "he also did some DJ work on the Coast for a while."

"He had a huge collection of CDs and records."