Hurricane Katrina

Pearl Frazier, 96, Biloxi

Pearl Frazier probably raised a few eyebrows during her lifetime, but it likely wouldn't have bothered the lady who loved to travel, fish and drive her custom-made Cadillac throughout Biloxi.

Frazier was born in 1909 in Oklahoma and lived there until she married in 1947. Her husband, Edward Frazier, served in the Air Force and was stationed in various countries throughout his career.

Frazier traveled with her husband but didn't just stay on the base where her husband was stationed. Rather, she used the the opportunity to travel, and visited Europe, Argentina and Puerto Rico, her nephew Paul Hiday said.

"She was a modern-day woman before there were modern-day women," he said.

Frazier and her husband built a home on Biloxi's Back Bay in the early 1970s when he retired. Frazier decided to stay in her beloved home during Hurricane Katrina but did not survive.

Hiday said his aunt and uncle didn't have any children, but he kept in contact with Frazier, especially after her husband died about 15 years ago.

Frazier enjoyed gambling, going to Mardi Gras parades and sitting on her pier, Hiday said.

"She liked to go down to the dock in her yard and go fishing and crabbing, and they liked to watch the boats in the (Biloxi) Bay," he said.