Hurricane Katrina

Anneliese Franklin, 75, Biloxi

Anna Franklin of Biloxi, Hurricane Katrina victim
Anna Franklin of Biloxi, Hurricane Katrina victim

Anneliese Schulz Franklin and her twin sister were born in Germany 1930. Anneliese came to America right after World War II.

Her first husband had a model ship building business in New York. They also restored china and ceramics, which she continued to do mainly as a hobby in Biloxi.

"She could take any statue or broken piece of glass and restore it so you couldn't even tell it had been broken," McCaughan said. "She loved to build sailing ships and had the tiniest tools. I'd never seen anyone who could do such detail."

She shared a love of boats, arts and nature with her husband, Charles Franklin, whom she married after they both were widowed.

Anneliese liked to paint, was very orderly and a good cook. McCaughan, a retired biology teacher, remembers her baking the best bread and admits she'd rather have eaten at the Franklins' than anywhere else.

"They had a happy life and loved their family," McCaughan said. "They lived together, loved together and died together."