Hurricane Katrina

Nadine Allen Gifford, 79, Ocean Springs

Linda's mother, Nadine Allen Gifford, 79, was a well-known interior decorator on the Coast, co-owner in years past of the upscale LaCarlton's Interiors in Biloxi, and the only decorator for the Broadwater Beach hotel for 25 years, Doug said.

"The Browns (the hotel's owners) wouldn't let anybody put anything in there," he said, "unless she approved it or she put it in there.

"She was a shrewd woman. She treated her home with the same care and expertise as her business . . . and her home was beautiful.

"When she was building it in Gulf Hills in 1977 she went to Atlanta to get a grouping of furniture for it, all from Europe and all large-scale stuff, because the house was very big. Before she went to Atlanta, she asked Glenn Swetman (her banker) what her credit line was and his comment was 'just don't break the bank.' She came back from Atlanta with all these mahogany pieces and stained glass and large credenzas - things that were 7, 8 feet long and 10 or 15 feet high. They all fit into her house. Her house was just beautiful. It was her dream home.

"Linda and Marian (another daughter) had always tried to talk her into selling it and moving into something smaller. Nadine didn't want to. This was her home, and it took her life."