Hurricane Katrina

Joan Dagnall, 69, Bay St. Louis

Joan Dagnall was the skating lady of Bay St. Louis.

She and her husband, Ralph Dagnall, had owned the Twin Pines Roller Rink. Its name was inspired by the Twin Willows, a rink in Pennsylvania where they had met. The couple continued to dance on skates long into their marriage.

"She was teaching skating lessons up to six months or a year ago when she was 68," said her daughter, Nicole Cleveland.

Her mother prided herself on being organized, and loved her home. She would watch the changing moods of the bay from her picture window.

The Dagnalls had built their concrete home with steel reinforcement. It was on high ground in flood-prone Hancock County, so Nicole Cleveland and her husband, Patrick, decided to ride out the storm there. But not even a hurricane-proof home could withstand Hurricane Katrina's tidal surge. The Clevelands survived by climbing onto trees and clinging there until the waters receded.