Hurricane Katrina

James Edward Patton, 22, Biloxi

James Edward Patton and his father, James Lacey Brown, were getting closer just before Hurricane Katrina took their lives.

James Edward Patton, 22, liked to walk by himself in East Biloxi, his mother, Lillie Williams, said.

"I believe he just gave up. I don't think he wanted to live any longer," Williams said of her son, who she said was a solitary person. She said he was very close to his family, but stayed in the family's home on Heidenheim Avenue in Biloxi most of the time.

"He stayed around me a lot like a little child. He was close with his family and other brothers and sisters," she said.

She said her son was a graduate of Biloxi High and liked sports and music; he aspired to be a singer.

Brown had his father's physical features. Both were over 6 feet tall and of stout build. Patton wore an earring.