Hurricane Katrina

Linda Brown, 59, Long Beach

Linda Brown of Long Beach, Hurricane Katrina Victim
Linda Brown of Long Beach, Hurricane Katrina Victim THE SUN HERALD

LONG BEACH --- Linda Brown moved to the Coast three years ago to be close to the water.

"And, she got a really good job opportunity managing the Sun Coast Apartments in Long Beach," said her daughter, Kristin Prax, 34.

Brown, 59, who died during Hurricane Katrina, had two daughters, Prax and Amanda Wade, 27, and five grandchildren. She also loved --- and had an abiding talent for --- entertaining.

"My sister and I, to this day, say that our comfort food is hors d'oeuvres, because when we were growing up my mother would plan elaborate menus and use us as guinea pigs," said Prax.

Though a free spirit who enjoyed painting seascapes and feeling raindrops on her face, Brown also possessed a strident work ethic, said Prax.

"She worked for Sun Coast for three years, and only missed one day of work when her brother died three months ago," she said. "She was the kind of person that anyone could talk to, and she would listen to anybody. She was never judgmental. Never. She just really viewed life so differently than anybody I've ever known."

An indomitable force, Brown "didn't sweat the small stuff," said Prax.

"My mother had to endure many hard blows in her life, but she never let it get the best of her," she said. "It sounds ironic to say it now, but even after coming to the Coast and seeing the devastation, I still couldn't believe that hurricane got my mom."