Hurricane Katrina

Edgar Bane Jr, 15, Waveland

Edgar Bane Jr. of Waveland, Hurricane Katrina victim
Edgar Bane Jr. of Waveland, Hurricane Katrina victim

If you had to nail down two things in this world that made Edgar Bane Jr. very, very happy, it was these --- Nintendo and Hank Williams Jr.

"He's something else. He loved to play Nintendo. He loved his games, 'Pac Man' and all that," said Rose Shaffer, Edgar Jr.'s grandmother.

What he wasn't too fond of, though, was his nickname --- E-Man.

"E-Man. They called him E-Man," said Shaffer. "It just came together like that: Edgar, E-Man. He didn't like that much, but it just stuck to him when he was little."

Edgar Bane Jr., 15, died alongside his mother, father and brother in their Waveland home during Hurricane Katrina.

Though he enjoyed "fishing with his daddy," Edgar Jr. liked to stick close to home. His idea of the perfect afternoon involved playing lots and lots of video games. It was Edgar Jr.'s way of exploring new worlds, forging new realms, according to Shaffer.

He also had been learning a new way to express himself, by drawing.

"He was learning to draw good, too. It's just something that he picked up in school," said Shaffer.

And then there was old Bocephus.

"He loved Hank Williams Jr. He loved them songs," said Shaffer. "He used to call me up and say, 'Here Grandma, listen to this.' "