Hurricane Katrina

Christina Bane, 45, Waveland

Christina Bane loved her bingo.

Perhaps "loved" is too strong a word.

She loved her husband, Edgar. She loved her four children. And she loved her four grandchildren.

But she surely did like her bingo. A lot.

"She'd go play bingo every chance she got. She played at the VFW, and the American Legion, over in Waveland," said her mother-in-law, Rose Shaffer.

And though Christina was very fond of fishing and bowling, especially when it involved other family members, bingo was her passion.

Christina, 45, who died alongside her husband and two sons in their Waveland home during Hurricane Katrina, was mostly "a homebody," said Shaffer.

"She was a happy person. Happy-go-lucky all the time. All the time," she said. "And she doted on her kids. She loved her kids very much. She'd do anything for her kids, and her grandbabies. I mean anything."