Hurricane Katrina

Mark Anderson, 52, Biloxi

"He would take the shirt off his back, if you needed it," Elaine Williams recalled of Mark Deck Anderson, who rented a small apartment behind her home in Biloxi.

Anderson, 52, was living in this apartment on Porter Avenue when he perished Aug. 29.

"He was the perfect tenant, if there is such a thing," said Elaine's husband, Danny.

"He was real quiet," Elaine said, "but if he knew you, he would talk."

The Williamses own Wren Motor Co. in Biloxi, which is just around the corner from where Anderson lived.

"He used to come here, and we'd sit and talk for hours at a time," Danny said. "He was an easy-going fellow and a real gentleman."

Anderson liked computer games, Danny said, but his real hobby was operating his ham radio with call sign KA5DXY. He worked at the Imperial Palace on the dayshift delivering money to the cash booths.

"Mark was a hard worker, quiet," said Yolanda Curry, main banker in the IP casino cage. "I had to catch myself sometimes when we first opened. I'd think, Mark should have done that buy already. I used to say, 'Hey, Mr. Smurf.' Mark was a tall guy about 6 foot 3 inches or 6 foot 4 inches, but those blue uniforms just remind me of Smurfs."