Hurricane Katrina

Barney Anderson, 83, Gulfport

GULFPORT --- Barney Anderson loved watching sports, talking to people and keeping up with politics.

He was a big supporter of Harrison County Sheriff George Payne and former Mayor Ken Combs

"He would get out on election year and put signs in everybody's yard," said his daughter, Carolyn Bozzetti.

He put the politicking aside to take care of his wife, Stina, after she developed Alzheimer's. They lived in a red brick house on Rich Avenue, their home of 46 years.

"He was like a grandfather to my two children," said his next-door neighbor Roger Elmore.

Anderson, 84, refused to heed Bozzetti's pleas to evacuate when she went to her parents' home the morning and the evening before Hurricane Katrina struck. The house, which stayed dry during Hurricane Camille, flooded with 3 1/2 feet of water.

"He got up and fell," Bozzetti said. "That's when he got water in his lungs."

He was still alive when she found him on the floor and lifted him into a recliner with the help of others. He later died at the hospital. His wife was traumatized, but survived.

"She doesn't know about my daddy," Bozzetti said. "She keeps saying, 'I wonder when he's coming home?' I haven't had the heart to tell her. Then she forgets."