Hurricane Katrina

Chloe Guice Wise: Mother Nature having her way

Name: Chloe Guice Wise.

Age: 74.

Location: Biloxi.

Before the storm: Retired social worker.

How did you survive the storm? "When we knew it was going to be a bad storm, I went to northern Alabama with some relatives of a church member at the Episcopal Church of the Redeemer. I stayed there about a month before I came back. When I got home, I asked to go to the site of my church, which has a long history in my family. I was married there and lots of our family was confirmed there. I stood in that circle of bricks and just bawled."

How are you surviving now? "I live in a FEMA trailer in the front yard of a friend's house on Magnolia Street in Gulfport. I've been there ever since I came back after the storm. I'm blessed to have adequate finances, which a lot of people don't. I lived in a friend's house until FEMA gave me the trailer. I use cardboard to make sections in my trailer. I attend church regularly and have daily devotions. A reporter from New York asked me if I thought God did this. I said, "No, its just Mother Nature having her way."

- Compiled by DREW TARTER