Hurricane Katrina

Glenda Thomas: Everything's gone

Name: Glenda Thomas.

Age: 46. Location: Just behind and to the east of the SS Camille gift shop on U.S. 90 in Gulfport.

Before the storm: She was a cook for a barbecue restaurant in Gulfport. How did you survive the storm? Thomas and her son rode out the storm in a truck parked near her aunt's mobile home in North Gulfport. She said, "It was terrible. We saw things flying by, parts of homes fly by. A twister came up the street and we watched it. It got my neighbor's house there, but skipped over my aunt's house here."

In a photo taken after the storm, Thomas was anguished to see the destruction of her boyfriend's apartment near the beach "where we used to watch the boats go out and come in." How are you surviving now? Thomas says she is struggling with numerous issues and has been living with her 14-year-old son in her aunt's small mobile home .