Hurricane Katrina

Pat Sheppard: A new day is dawning

Name: Pat Sheppard

Age: 54 Location: Langley Point, St. Martin

Before the storm: Several weeks before Katrina hit, Sheppard had finished remodeling her six-bedroom home from Hurricane Georges in this neighborhood overlooking Back Bay and St. Martin Bayou. The house had a private beach and three gazebos where she enjoyed watching sunrises. How did you survive the storm? Sheppard evacuated to Jackson with her son and daughter. Hurricane Katrina destroyed their home, along with 66 others on Langley Point.

How are you surviving now? "I'm living in a FEMA trailer and focused on rebuilding my house," she said. She is having her home's foundation raised with truckload after truckload of fill dirt. With the added height, she plans for her new home to be 18 feet above sea level, 10 feet higher than her previous house.

She said the storm has taught her she is capable of many things, but, she added, "I still have bad dreams about it and still can't believe the destruction."

She said one house has been completed on Langley Point, another is almost completed and foundations are being raised on five lots. "You're seeing progress being made," she said.

Pat Sheppard had just finished building her home on Langley Point a few weeks prior to Hurricane Katrina. Shortly after the storm, she visited her property to try to salvage her belongings.