Hurricane Katrina

Tammi Carson: Holding on

Names: Tammi Carson, Clay Carson and Chandee Carson.

Ages: Tammi is 41, Clay is 9 and Chandee is 7.

Location: Biloxi.

Before the storm: Tammi Carson is a volunteer for the Wildlife Care and Rescue Center. She was housing several animals she could not evacuate with. She and her family stayed at her house near Atkinson Road with two friends during the storm. Eight trees came down in her yard and several windows leaked. Her house flooded two weeks later during storms related to Hurricane Rita.

How did you survive the storm? "It was scary, it was terrifying," Carson said. "(The children) were Godsends during the storm." Afterward they were a big help getting things done, she said.

"It was so hot, I was sweating to death," said Chandee of their search for ice and water after the storm.

"We were hot, tired and stressed out, but overall everyone was in good spirits," Carson said. "When the power trucks came rolling down Pass Road, it really gave everyone a boost."

How are you surviving now? "Slowly but surely, things are coming together," Carson said. "I don't think you can ever be prepared enough for things like this."

"For the most part we have what's important - our friends and family."

"I have a new perspective on the value of things," she said. "I've learned to accommodate not only my needs, but the needs of others as well."