Hurricane Katrina

Doug deSilvey: Sole survivor

Name: Doug deSilvey.

Age: 60.

Location: Ocean Springs.

Before the storm: Doug deSilvey has been working as a construction supervisor at the Pascagoula Shipyard for some time. Although he had been divorced from his wife, Linda deSilvey, 57, at the time of the storm, he was still very close to her and her parents, Nadine Allen-Gifford, 79, and E.D. "Ted" Gifford, 79.

How did you survive the storm? Doug went to ride out Katrina at Nadine's house, as he has always had done for storms, along with his ex-wife and his daughter, Donna deSilvey, 35, a graduate student at the University of Southern Mississippi. Doug was the sole survivor.

How are you surviving now? "Never in my wildest dreams would I have turned 60 years old without a family anymore. I'm trying to reorganize my life. Every day is a little depressing, but you try to work through that. I often wonder why I'm not a basket case.

"A couple of times I would talk to my buddies and friends about it. They've offered a great deal of help. The doctor I spoke with, a psychiatrist, she's also a minister. She helped me a great deal in realizing a lot of things.

"I wake up in the morning and see the sunlight and thank the good Lord for that day. I guess it's just my belief and reaffirmation of faith in Jesus. I want to be able to answer up to whatever the good Lord (sends) my way.

"Maybe there's a reason this type of storm came in here.

"Maybe it was a wake-up call for everyone to get their life in order, to realize how delicate life is. When you get up in the morning, you just can't take it for granted. Tell your family you love them and hope you see them this afternoon.

"These buddies I have, I get on them about being a better dad... focusing more on their children and not a new fishing boat or a new set of golf clubs.

"I keep asking myself why or how come, but there is no answer there. I just have to accept the fact that it is. The Gulf Coast will never be the same."