Hurricane Katrina


The Sun Herald has heard from friends, colleagues, former staffers and those who were here to help regarding winning the Pulitzer Prize gold medal for service journalism.

Here are a few of the comments:

Congrats for a well-deserved honor. Your journalism and your diligence to getting the story stand as an example to all in our business. I'm so happy for you. Give my huzzahs to all my friends down there.

- Jim Asher, Knight Ridder, Washington bureau

I just wanted to commend you on your Pulitzer win! Sometimes we think they forget about the small papers, but I think your paper proved that you don't have to come from the big city to give the people what they want - information.

I am from Biloxi (Point Cadet area) and my parents did lose their home. I also couldn't contact a few family members and friends. I used your newspaper's Web site for my information and I found out that my family and friends' neighborhoods were spared. It was absolutely devastating to see what happened to "my town" but I was thankful to you for telling the truth, even if I still can't get the images out my head.

Your team members are so dedicated and thoroughly appreciated - even in the Lone Star State. Thank you for all you do - you deserve a lot more than a Pulitzer Prize!

- Dayna Runge, subscriber

Congratulations on winning the Pulitzer. That's amazing.

-Chris Kirkham, Medill School of Journalism correspondent for the Sun Herald in Washington.

Wow! Well deserved. Really a tribute to your staff and all your hard work.

- Lee Ragland, GodwinGroup

A million congratulations from your friends at The Philadelphia Inquirer! This is thrilling news. Y'all deserved it, big time. I hope the corks are popping as you read this! Best wishes to all.

- Amy Worden, Knight Ridder loaner

Y'all rock! Congratulations! I'm going to go around telling everyone I know you...

- Emily Wagster Pettus, The Associated Press, Jackson bureau

Jean, I am guessing that you guys are a happy lot today. Congratulations!

- Ron Ozio, former staffer and director, media relations at University of Pennsylvania

I couldn't be prouder.

- Greg Lacour, former staffer and Charlotte Observer loaner

Congrats to the Sun Herald on winning the Pulitzer! I've been looking at the paper's coverage and the Pulitzer submission --- outstanding job! Again, congratulations. I'm proud of you.

- Bobby Pepper, Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal, Tupelo

Congratulations to the Sun Herald on winning the Pulitzer Prize!

- Judy Madden, subscriber

Congrats on winning the 2006 Pulitzer Prize for public service!! We appreciate your efforts! Thanks!

- Richard Wages, subscriber

Great job guys. I can't tell you how proud I am of all of you. I just wish you guys didn't have to go through and continue to go through so much in order to get this much-deserved award. You rock.

- Beth Musgrave, former staffer and Lexington Herald-Leader loaner

Just a note of congratulations to you and your fearless, peerless co-workers upon winning the top honor in the Pulitzer Prizes today. Indeed, the online edition of the Sun Herald is where I went to get my updates... for months. Thank you for your beautiful, courageous words. More to come!

- New York playwright and author David Drake

Just wanted to congratulate all of you on the well-deserved Pulitzer. What you were doing in those weeks after the hurricane was truly an act of selfless public service.

- Campbell Robertson, one of The New York Times reporters who slept on your floor

Stan and Kate, congratulations! I just read the news online. I think I told you both when I was there, but, it deserves repeating. It was an honor and a privilege to work with such an amazing team of reporters, editors and photographers. Everyone I met was dedicated and determined to tell the story of the Mississippi Coast, in spite of their own personal losses. You all touched me in a way that I can't explain, both as a human being and a journalist. You deserve this award and any recognition that comes your way.

Congratulations again. I hope you are all doing well.

- Meera Pal, reporter and Contra Costa Newspapers loaner

Congrats to you guys! Job well done!

- Linda D. Epstein, KR Washington Bureau photo editor

Let me add my congratulations to the long list of folks patting y'all on the back. It is a well-deserved award to a hard-working staff who performed amazingly in the face of incredible handicaps to provide crucial information to your readers. You done us all proud!

-Chris Todd, photo editor, Clarion-Ledger in Jackson