Other examples of how to get involved


Ways people help

Two more examples of how to get involved in schools:

-- Kinard Morris Sr. is a retired shipfitter who lives near Kreole Elementary. His grandson Kyle Morris goes there, so for several years Morris has volunteered. He works in the cafeteria, coming in as early at 6:30 a.m. to help oversee breakfast students in the dining hall. He returns to help with lunch. He is often called into classrooms by teachers who ask him to help a student with math. He said he checks their addition and subtraction and money skills.

"I kill two birds with one stone," he told the Sun Herald. "I see my grandson and help at the school. I have lunch with him every day, and other kids too. They call me Paw-paw."

-- Karen Logan is the Bulletin Board Lady at Kreole. She's also the cleanup lady, the if-you-need-something-copied lady, the lady who laminates things and the door-decoration lady, she said. A homemaker and grandmother, she splits her time between Kreole and Escatawpa Upper Elementary School. She has grandchildren at both schools and she's repeating with her grandchildren the volunteer help she gave as a parent.

"If more parents would come in even just once in awhile, it would help so much," she said. "The teachers are bombarded with paperwork.

"You can do a bulletin board for $2. It's something anyone can do. It doesn't have to be complicated."