South Alabama suspends plans for Gautier campus

University of South Alabama officials say they have decided not to accept an invitation at this time to place a satellite campus in Gautier, but USA will continue to provide the same educational services as in the past for students in coastal Mississippi, the schools said in a press release today.

The USA Board of Trustees in March voted to support the establishment of a USA satellite campus in Gautier after Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College sought a formal partnership following consultations with civic and business leaders in the Mississippi Gulf Coast region. Since that time, conflict has arisen among institutions within the higher education system in Mississippi.

“While USA appreciates the invitation to partner with MGCCC and remains committed to meeting the educational needs of the upper Gulf Coast region, the proposed satellite campus has been the subject of unanticipated discord within Mississippi,” said USA President Gordon Moulton.

“For this reason, and as a demonstration of good faith, we have decided not to move forward with the Gautier campus at this time, but our door remains open. As in the past, we will continue to meet the needs of the people of the Mississippi Gulf Coast through our traditional and online programs and by serving as a major provider of degree programs to students who transfer to our campus.

“USA’s objective remains the same – providing ready access to students in the Mississippi Gulf Coast region and at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College who need our diverse and high quality academic programs.”

“Southwest Alabama and Coastal Mississippi are the same community when it comes to industry, commerce, education, health care, and recreation,” Moulton said. “Mobile and Gautier are only 37 miles apart, and people from both areas commute in both directions every day.”

USA currently enrolls 14,757 students, with 1,533, or about 10 percent, coming from Mississippi, predominantly from the coastal area.

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