Cruisin' the Coast

Here are the songs you’ll want to hear while ‘Cruisin’ The Coast’

Vintage tunes are a must-have for Cruisers.
Vintage tunes are a must-have for Cruisers. Sun Herald File

To properly “cruise,” one needs two things: a sweet ride and good tunes, and sometimes, the ride can be less than sweet if the tunes are good.

Music plays a huge part of the annual Cruisin’ The Coast, from national bands in the casinos to parties from Pascagoula to Waveland. But what will the cruisers be listening to while they cruise the Mississippi Gulf Coast?

Here’s a list of the top 10 cruisin’ songs through the years:

Smoky Robinson - ‘Cruisin’’

“Let the music take your mind,” sings Robinson. This is the perfect song for hitting the Bay St. Louis Bridge at sunset.

ZZ Top - ‘She Loves My Automobile’

ZZ Top recreate the essence of Chuck Berry with this Dusty Hill number about smooth rides.

Commander Cody - ‘Hot Rod Lincoln’

This is everything you need to know about a car plus “it’s got 8 cylinders and it uses them all.”

John Cafferty and The Beaver Brown Band - ‘On The Dark Side’

This song from the 1980s film “Eddie and The Cruisers” is the perfect homage to a forgotten era — the rocking pop of the mid-1960s.

Starbuck - ‘Moonlight Feels Right’

Mississippi’s Bruce Blackman tells the perfect tale of dropping the top and riding around and looking at the ocean. Plus, it name drops Ole Miss.

Gary Numan - ‘Cars’

You ever have that feeling that your only safe place is in your car?

Eddy Grant - ‘Electric Avenue’

Blast this as ride down Casino Row at night. You’ll be glad you did.

Kings of Leon - ‘Camaro’

“She looks so cool in her new Camaro” and so will you if you have this blaring from your car while you cruise down Government Street in Ocean Springs at night.

The Stills-Young Band - ‘Long May You Run’

Ever had that old car that you just couldn’t get rid of? Well, Neil Young has in this ode to friendships, especially that friendship with a classic car.

The Beach Boys - ‘Sail On, Sailor’

You have to have a Beach Boys song on a cruisin’ list, because it’s the law, I think. But instead of “Fun, Fun, Fun” or “Little Deuce Coupe,” how about listening to the nautical-themed tale as you cruise the Mississippi Gulf Coast? I mean, what did you expect? “Low Rider?”

Here’s a playlist with these songs and more for cruisin’ the Mississippi Coast.