Cruisin' the Coast

Did the Masked Cruiser see you at Edgewater on Thursday?

Leo Bradley’s 1923 Ford T-Bucket has a Teddy Bear at the wheel. Bradley is from Yukon, Okla.
Leo Bradley’s 1923 Ford T-Bucket has a Teddy Bear at the wheel. Bradley is from Yukon, Okla.

The Masked Cruiser was in J.C. Penny on Thursday looking for an outfit to wear to the dance when I heard a lot of excitement in the parking lot of Edgewater Mall in Biloxi.

I jumped in the Pinto and headed across the parking lot to see what all of the excitement was about. Lo and behold, the Cruisers had arrived. I tried to enter the Pinto in the show, but I was stopped at the gate and told to move along. I guess that’s because they were afraid someone would hit me from behind and the Pinto would explode. That’s a real thing, y’all.

I walked around the mall parking lot eating on a Tony Nelson Philly cheese steak and checking out all of the tricked-out rides. But I have to tell y’all — I saw a lot of Fords up in that mall parking lot. My daddy used to say something really ugly about Fords. He was a Chevy man.

He was also a leg man. He would always get the legs when we had fried chicken on Sundays after preaching.

I’m glad he wasn’t around to see me driving the Pinto.

Thursday was a beautiful day at the mall. The sun was shining brightly and it wasn’t too hot. You could also see the ocean over U.S. 90.

One fellow even showed up at the show in a convertible roadster with a gigantic teddy bear strapped in the passenger’s seat. I guess he likes to ride in the carpool lane.

There was plenty of action to be found at the mall. The Masked Cruiser even met a crew who have a web series about classic cars on YouTube. They are based in Georgia and were filming an episode at the Cruisin’ show.

Well, I’ve got the Pinto gassed up and ready to roll. There’s no telling where the Masked Cruiser may show up Friday, so keep your ears on — 10-4, good buddy.