Cruisin' the Coast

’50 Ford Custom is painted in his high school colors

Car of the day: 1950 Ford Custom 2-door

Owner: Harold “Ham” McLain, originally from Laurel, Miss.; now lives near St. Louis, Mo.

What’s it got in it: Original flathead 6 cylinder with 65,000 miles, single barrel carburetor, “three on the tree” manual transmission, original horn — it’s loud, he demonstrates

What’s been done to it: Air conditioned, painted it Bahama Blue and white, which are his school colors from Oak Park High School in Laurel. New blue and white upholstery.

How much did it cost? He bought it for $1,200 from a co-worker at Emerson Electric, who found it in a field in Kansas. “I’m ashamed to say it,” he said, as he reveals he spent another $10,000 restoring the car and painting it three times.

How long did it take? He’s been working on it for 28 years. It’s his first classic car, “and I think it’s going to be my last one,” he said.

What brings you here? “I’ve been down here 10 years, 8 years in a row,” he said. McLain trailered the car from his home in Missouri to his hometown of Laurel, and drove to Gulfport. He stays for the whole week.