Cruisin' the Coast

Keep your go-cups from being no-cups

One the the biggest changes Cruisin’ The Coast visitors will notice, in addition to the many new businesses on the Coast, is new state law allowing go-cup laws in cities along the Coast.

Patrons of bars and restaurants in Long Beach, Gulfport, Biloxi, Ocean Springs and Pascagoula may now walk around designated areas with open containers of alcohol, similar to the way people can carry drinks in New Orleans’ French Quarter.

The fundamental rules of these cities laws were set at the state level, but they vary slightly from town to town, so make sure to ask about a city’s particular rules on go-cups if you’re uncertain.

Here are some general guidelines on go-cup rules:

▪  Drink containers may not be taken outside of designated drinking areas.

▪  Go-cups must be provided by the business where beverage is bought.

▪  Only one go-cup per patron when leaving a business.

▪  Patrons may not enter a second business serving alcohol with a go-cup purchased elsewhere.

▪  Use of a go-cup while operating a motorized or non-motorized vehicle inside or outside of a designated area is not permitted.

▪  A patron with a go-cup is not allowed to block or impede traffic.