Second man admits plan to hide cocaine in fitness band on bus

Daylan Gardell Polk
Daylan Gardell Polk

A second man has admitted to being involved in a plan to distribute cocaine hidden in a fitness-training body band on a bus trip from Houston to Biloxi.

Daylan Gardell Polk, 35; Seneka DeAndre Williams, 39; and Jermaine Marquette McFadden Jr, 21, were arrested April 18 after narcotics agents followed Williams and McFadden, who are father and son, from the Greyhound bus station in Biloxi to a diner.

Agents who kept McFadden under surveillance have said they went in a bathroom behind him at the Waffle House on Reynoir Street and found the body band and cocaine. He had marks on his abdomen that matched the shape of the body band plus marks believed left by the cocaine bag, a criminal complaint said.

A fitness body band is a piece of gear worn by people who need a place to hold items such as keys, credit cards or a cellphone while performing physical activities, such as running or working out.

Agents also followed Williams and Polk to a casino parking garage and found a large amount of cash.

Polk accepted a plea deal on a conspiracy charge Monday. He faces five to 40 years in prison at his Nov. 17 sentencing in federal court.

Polk’s attorney asked that he be released on bond to get his affairs in order before his sentencing.

Polk, a barber with a lawn service, has three young sons and his wife had a baby since he’s been in custody, his attorney wrote in a court filing. Polk is a longtime Jackson County resident, the attorney said.

U.S. District Judge Sul Ozerden denied the request.

Set for trial

Seneka DeAndre Williams, 39, also has pleaded guilty on the conspiracy charge. His sentencing is set for Sept. 20.

Williams told narcotics agents he and his son had planned to sell a kilo of the cocaine for $31,000, and said he’d made three other trips to Biloxi to deliver cocaine, an affidavit said.

McFadden is set for trial on a court calendar that starts Sept. 20. He has been allowed to remain free on bond provided he live with his mother in Houston pending trial.

McFadden faces charges of conspiracy and possession with intent to distribute cocaine.

Biloxi police assisted in the Drug Enforcement Administration investigation.