Cab driver crashes, reports man shot at him, beat him up

Steven Paul Harmon
Steven Paul Harmon

A taxi driver crashed his cab in a pond after a man refused to pay and fired shots at him, a sheriff’s investigator said.

Stephen Paul Harmon, 51, was booked at the Harrison County jail early Saturday on a charge of aggravated assault.

The driver reported he had taken a man to a house on Mennonite Road but the man refused to pay, Lt. Coley Judy said.

The cab driver told investigators it happened as he dropped a man off at his house.

The driver said the man, later identified as Harmon, refused to pay and beat him up.

Harmon went around the front of the cab and hit the driver a couple of times in the face, Judy said.

Harmon went inside his house and came out with a gun and started firing, he said.

“That’s when the driver attempted to drive off, and wrecked his cab in a pond in front of the house,” Judy said.

Harmon was held on a $200,000 bond. Deputies also arrested him on a misdemeanor fraud charge for refusing to pay the taxi fare. is working on an updated report.