Indictment says man helped move at least five kilos of cocaine in Gulfport

Ramon Castillo
Ramon Castillo

A man indicted in the distribution of at least five kilos of cocaine in Gulfport has been brought to South Mississippi for prosecution.

Ramon Castillo, 37, is held for an initial appearance and arraignment Tuesday in U.S. District Court. A magistrate judge in Orlando, Fla., ordered him sent to South Mississippi to face the Gulfport charge.

Five kilos is 11 pounds.

Castillo and two other men are accused in a drug-racketeering conspiracy in Harrison County — Gulfport in particular. The conspiracy took place from June 2014 until the time of their indictment April 21, 2015, the indictment said.

The indictment was unsealed Monday.

Castillo was taken before a magistrate judge in Orlando on May 26 and ordered held with no bond to face the charge in Gulfport.

Details of the allegations are not shown in court records available for public view. Federal indictments available for public view typically are redacted. A criminal complaint, which gives allegations for probable cause, is not shown in court records in this case.

The two men also indicted on a conspiracy charge are wanted on arrest warrants. Court records in Gulfport do not indicate if the men have been found, or if they’re held in a different court district pending transfer to Gulfport.