Man pleads guilty - again - in crystal meth case

Xavier Terrazas
Xavier Terrazas

GULFPORT -- A man who had withdrawn his guilty plea, then pleaded guilty again in a crystal meth case, will be sentenced at a judge's discretion.

Xavier Terrazas, 29, of Arizona, pleaded guilty to his original plea deal Wednesday and did not sign a second plea agreement he had been offered.

Terrazas admitted guilt to a conspiracy charge regarding his involvement in meth distribution in Harrison County and elsewhere for at least 11 months. The new deal was based on a bill of information alleging his involvement continued at least five more months.

The original plea agreement and its plea supplement will not be legally binding on the court, District Judge Sul Ozerden wrote in an order.

Ozerden can impose a sentence outside the one agreed to in the plea deal.

A plea agreement is a contract between a prosecutor and a defendant. A plea supplement contains allegations a defendant is willing to accept.

Both documents in each plea deal are sealed. Other documents that are not sealed don't give specifics on Terrazas' involvement in the conspiracy.

A grand jury had indicted him July 23, 2013. The charge alleged his drug distribution in Harrison County began in September 2012 and continued until the day of the indictment.

Terrazas had made his first initial appearance in Phoenix, where a federal judge released him on his own recognizance pending court action in Gulfport.

Terrazas received permission to resolve the charge in Phoenix, but failed to attend a change-of-plea hearing in December 2014. He was arrested on a bench warrant and brought to Gulfport. He has been held with no bond since Jan. 13.

The bill of information was filed Feb. 26. The difference between that plea agreement and the original offer is unclear.

Both charging documents have a forfeiture order involving any assets Terrazas has obtained with drug money.