Man serving life sentence for murder in Harrison County caught trying to escape

Joshua Teague
Joshua Teague

Two inmates trying to escape the South Mississippi Correctional Institution near Leakesville late Saturday night were caught before making it off grounds, according to the Mississippi Department of Corrections.

Inmate Joshua Teague, 30, who is serving a life sentence for capital murder in Harrison County, and Jeremy Ogle, 35, were back in custody within 30 minutes after leaving Unit 7, where they were housed.

Teague, from Clinton, Tenn., pleaded guilty to capital murder of Iva Jewel Moore, 92, who was sexually assaulted and stabbed 23 times during a 2005 home burglary at her home in Biloxi.

Ogle is serving a 20-year sentence for armed robbery, possession of a weapon during a crime and carjacking in Tennessee.

The MDOC said the men escaped their single cells at the prison, dropped to the ground using a homemade cane and knotted sheets and walked toward Unit 8.

A roving perimeter officer spotted the two men, still dressed in their prison clothes, about the same time another officer noticed something amiss in the men's cells while conducting the usual 10 p.m. security count, the MDOC said. The men had made dummies from personal items, bedding and other material to look like they were asleep in bed.

Teague and Ogle were captured without incident and later transferred to another prison in the MDOC system, according to a press release.

Neither man has provided statements about the escape attempt and the investigation is ongoing.

"I am thankful for the quick actions of our sharp-eyed corrections officers," Commissioner Marshall Fisher said. "Their performance during this dangerous situation is yet another example of the great danger they potentially encounter every time they report for duty. These brave men and women put their lives on the line daily to protect the public. We simply must find the funds to adequately compensate them."