Gang member to serve 25 years for Jackson County armed robberies

Randall Alan Williams
Randall Alan Williams

JACKSON COUNTY -- A man will serve 25 years in prison, day-for-day, after he pleaded guilty to four counts of armed robbery, possession of a weapon by convicted felon and possession of marijuana in Jackson County circuit court.

According to a release from the Jackson County District Attorney's office, Randall Alan Williams, 36, of Pascagoula -- along with co-defendant Christopher Joiner, committed an armed robbery in the St. Martin community on Jan. 6, 2015.

The release stated Williams and Joiner were arrested by Pascagoula police on Jan. 26, 2015 after the men committed three armed robberies that night near Ingalls Avenue.

Pascagoula police pursued Williams and Joiner via vehicle for 15 minutes until both men bailed from the vehicle and fled on foot, according to the release, and K9 officer Rambo helped apprehend Williams and Joiner.

When police arrested Williams, a felon, he had a Smith & Wesson firearm and marijuana in his possession.

Williams was indicted as a habitual offender, Jackson County District Attorney Tony Lawrence said, and had eight prior convictions, all of which were non-violent.

Judge Dale Harkey sentenced Williams to 40 years in prison for four counts armed robbery, with 25 of those years to serve day-for-day. Harkey sentenced Williams to 10 years in prison for possession of a weapon by felon and 6 years in prison for possession of marijuana. The charges will run concurrent with each other, according to the release.

Williams must serve 15 years of post-release supervision, pay $6,000 in fines, pay $300 to Crime Victim's Compensation Fund and pay court costs and lab fees.

"I commend the Pascagoula Police Department and Jackson County Sheriff's Department for their thorough investigations of these serious and violent crimes,' said Cherie Wade, assistant district attorney in Jackson County. "The work and communication between the departments helped to resolve these cases without having the victims relive the nightmare of these crimes at trial."

Lawrence said Williams is a recognized member of a street gang and was admittedly involved with drugs.

"His sentence of 25 years, day for day, I hope sends a message that enough is enough," Lawrence said. "Those who rob innocent citizens in this community so they can buy drugs will be held accountable for their crimes."