DEA: Man used fitness device to hide 1.1 kilos of cocaine

Seneka DeAndre Williams
Seneka DeAndre Williams

GULFPORT -- A man who traveled by bus to Biloxi with 1.1 kilos of cocaine tucked under a body band threw both the drugs and the fitness device into a bathroom trash can after he noticed police drive up, a criminal complaint said.

Jermaine Marquette McFadden Jr., 21, of Houston, had marks around his torso that match the shape of a fitness-training body band when police questioned him, a federal drug agent said in the court document. McFadden admitted he'd worn the band and drugs while riding from Houston to Biloxi on April 18, the agent said.

McFadden's father, Seneka DeAndre Williams, 39, and Daylan Gardell Polk, 35, had drug money in their possession when other officers arrested them, according to the document.

Williams allegedly told investigators he and his son had taken a bus to Biloxi to deliver a kilo of cocaine to Polk in exchange for $31,000. Williams said he had made three other trips to deliver cocaine in Biloxi, the complaint said.

Biloxi police were working with the Drug Enforcement Administration when they reportedly saw Williams and his son, both wearing backpacks, arrive at the Greyhound Bus terminal. The two walked to the Waffle House on Reynoir Street, talked on their cellphones and appeared to be looking around nervously, the complaint said.

Williams reportedly got into a silver Nissan Maxima and drove off with Polk. Agents said they followed them to the Hard Rock Casino Biloxi parking garage and agents found a large sum of money in the car.

Other agents reported they watched McFadden leave the Waffle House and go to the nearby Shell gas station. He sat on the ground but got up and walked back to the Waffle House when police cars drove up.

McFadden went into the Waffle House bathroom, a one-stall restroom, and came out, the complaint said. An agent went into the bathroom and noticed the trash can lid was swinging. Agents said they dug through the trash and pulled out a package of cocaine and a body band.

McFadden is free on a $25,000 bond. He is to stay with his mother in Houston, but his travel is limited as he awaits trial, a court order said.

His father and Polk are held with no bond.

A federal grand jury indicted them Tuesday. Each is charged with conspiracy and possession with intent to distribute cocaine.

Their arraignments are set for Thursday in U.S. District Court in Gulfport.