Stalker threatened to kill cat, waited for family with pipe wrench

Timothy Beasley
Timothy Beasley

GULFPORT -- A jury has found Timothy Scott Beasley, 52, guilty of home burglary, aggravated stalking and aggravated assault, District Attorney Joel Smith said Friday.

The verdict came after a three-day trial before Circuit Judge Chris Schmidt. Beasley will be sentenced May 5.

Gulfport police officers testified they found Beasley had been convicted of stalking the burglary victim, with whom he had been in a relationship. The woman had secured a court protective order to prevent Beasley from contacting her.

Beasley entered the home May 9 while the woman was eating dinner out. Her mother received text messages from Beasley indicating he planned to kill a cat in the house, the District Attorney's Office said.

The family returned home, looked around the outside of the house and thought Beasley had left.

"When they entered the home, the defendant jumped out of a coat closet armed with a pipe wrench and large kitchen knife," a news release from Smith's office said. "The defendant then hit the 77-year-old father and homeowner in the head with the pipe wrench.

"A video system in the house captured Beasley chasing the 76-year-old mother out of the house and then returning to break the glass front door with a hammer."

When he was arrested, Beasley admitted he went to the house to confront the woman and her parents.

He said he got into the house through an unlocked window and waited with a pipe wrench for the family to return, according to the news release.

Assistant District Attorney Mitch Owen prosecuted the case, with assistance from Assistant District Attorney Crosby Parker.

Beasley has drug and burglary convictions from 2001 to 2008, so he has been declared a habitual offender and must serve his entire sentence, which could be up to 50 years in prison.