Affidavit: Man told woman 'I will kill you if you call the police'

Brian Kenneth Evans
Brian Kenneth Evans

GULFPORT -- Police and narcotics agents claim a man who assaulted a woman and threatened to kill her was found with significant amounts of various illegal drugs and weapons including an assault rifle.

The woman had visible injuries when a Gulfport police K-9 officer went to a home on Ponderosa Drive late Saturday night, a DEA Task Force agent said in an affidavit.

The woman said Brian Kenneth Evans had threatened her with a handgun and told her, "I will kill you if you call the police," the agent said.

Minutes later, a police officer stopped Evans, 36, who was northbound in a Mercury Grand Marquis on U.S. 49 near Airport Road.

The officer found 3 grams of cocaine and 5.8 grams of marijuana in Evans' pants pocket, the affidavit said, and an assortment of drugs in the car: 97 doses of the club drug Ecstasy, 208 grams of cocaine and 109 grams of meth.

The officer also found four weapons, identified in court papers as a Norinco SKS semi-automatic assault rifle, a Ruger P90 pistol, a Velcox .22-caliber pistol, and a Colt Python .357-Magnum revolver.

The revolver had been reported stolen to police in Baton Rouge.

Police arrested Evans on simple assault and drug charges.

Evans was ordered held for the Drug Enforcement Administration.

Federal marshals took him before a magistrate judge Tuesday for an initial court appearance.

Prosecutors want him held with no bond.

Preliminary and detention hearings were set for Thursday after Evans told the court he wants to hire an attorney.