‘Y’all got me good,’ says man whose RV hid 11 kilos of coke

Victor John Wendell Jr.
Victor John Wendell Jr.

GULFPORT -- A 69-year-old man using an RV to deliver about 11 kilos of cocaine told investigators, "Y'all got me good. I'm going to die in jail," a criminal complaint said.

"I'm done," Victor John Wendell Jr. reportedly said to investigators after his April 12 arrest in Harrison County.

He is held with no bond on suspicion of drug-trafficking.

A magistrate judge in U.S. District Court ordered the complaint turned over to a federal grand jury after hearings on Monday.

Wendell's destination was an RV park in Jackson County, where he'd planned to get a campsite and wait for someone to contact him about arrangements to sell the cocaine for cash, a DEA task force agent said in the complaint.

Wendell has admitted it was his second trip to Jackson County and said the plan was to return the cash to McAllen, Texas, the agent said.

A Harrison County deputy had pulled him over on Interstate 10 at the 29-mile marker in Gulfport. He was eastbound in a 1999 Coachmen with a Texas license plate. The deputy said he stopped Wendell because the RV was drifting into other lanes and onto the shoulder.

The deputy reported Wendell appeared to be impaired, his speech was slurred and he seemed disoriented. Other deputies arrived and a criminal background check showed Wendell has been associated with drug-trafficking and smuggling activities, the complaint said.

Deputies said they found what appeared to be crack cocaine and paraphernalia under the driver's seat. A search of the RV's roof and air-conditioner cover revealed loose or missing screws. A fiber-optic camera showed packages in the AC system. The system was dismantled, the complaint said, and deputies found 11 kilos of cocaine in heat-sealed bags wrapped in electrical tape.

During questioning, Wendell said he had helped load cocaine into a hiding place on a previous trip and the one before his arrest, the agent said. Wendell reportedly said his previous trip involved driving to a gas station and following someone to a nearby home to replace the cocaine in the hiding place with money.