Cousin accused in Vancleave teen's slaying has history of domestic violence

The man accused in the killing of his cousin pleaded guilty in March to assaulting his father with a knife, according to police incident and arrest records the Sun Herald obtained.

It was one of two incidents in Gautier in which Dexter Mandoza Kelley, 19, of Meridian, has assaulted relatives with weapons.

In one of the two police reports the Sun Herald obtained, Kelley's mother told police she had been trying to get her son placed in the East Mississippi State Hospital in Meridian because of a "mental disorder."

On March 7, Gautier City Court suspended a decision in the assault on his father if Kelley took an anger-management course at the Gulf Coast Women's Center for Nonviolence. The course was to be completed by September.

But Kelley was arrested in the killing of Cliff Allyn, 16, before that would happen.

Argument turns violent

According to the incident report, Kelley and his father got into an argument on their way home from a Mardi Gras parade Feb. 4, 2015.

Kelley was driving when the vehicle hit a curb and Kelley's father said, "What the hell, Son?"

The father told police Kelley started arguing with him, then pulled a knife, placed it at the tip of the father's nose and cut him.

When older man pulled away, Kelley cut his dad's right hand.

Gautier police were called after the two arrived at Kelley's parents' home on Woodstock Court. The arresting officer said the father was standing outside, his hand bleeding.

The officer said he went into the home with his weapon drawn and ordered Kelley to come out with his hands up.

"When he rounded the corner, Dexter had a large knife in his right hand," the report said. The officer took Kelley into custody after he agreed to throw the knife on a couch and surrender.

The officer reported Kelley said his father kept trying to pick a fight on the drive home from the parade. He said he'd told his father he loved him and didn't want a fight.

But the arguing continued and Kelley told his father "that he did not want to have to kill him and that he just wanted him to stop."

Kelley admitted pulling the knife on his father, but said he didn't remember what happened after that.

Another altercation

On June 14, at the same home, Gautier police had to subdue Kelley with a Taser in order to arrest him.

According to the incident report in that case, Kelley got angry when he was asked to clean a dirty dish he'd put in the kitchen sink. He started yelling and punched his brother in the head.

Other relatives managed to separate the brothers, but then Kelley pulled an 8-inch curved knife and tried to stab his brother.

The report says relatives disarmed Kelley, but he grabbed a pair of scissors and a 12-inch knife and started waving them in the direction of his brother and others.

Responding officers ordered Kelley to toss the knife on a pool table. He did, but then started backing away from the officers toward a samurai sword.

The officers ordered Kelley to the ground, but he refused, so they said they twice used a Taser on him and he finally fell to the ground and was arrested. They said they had to drag him out of the home to handcuff him.

The officer said the brother did not want to pursue charges because of Kelley's "mental state." Police nevertheless took Kelley into custody.

Kelley's mother, the report said, later told police she had been trying to have her son committed to the state mental hospital.

Kelley pleaded guilty June 15 to misdemeanor disturbing the peace and disorderly conduct charges and was ordered to pay $608 in fines, according to Gautier City Court files.

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