Teen accused in crash that killed 1 passenger, injured 1

The teen driver of an F-150 pickup truck involved in a March 5 accident that resulted in the death of one passenger and injury to another has been arrested on charges of DUI causing death and DUI causing serious bodily injury.

Pearl River County sheriff's Chief Deputy Shane Tucker said the warrant was issued Thursday after blood-test results indicated the teen's blood-alcohol level was over the legal limit for his age.

The teen's blood-alcohol level was not disclosed, but Tucker said according to state law the legal limit for a juvenile is zero. The legal limit for drivers between 18 and 21­ is .02 percent.

The truck's driver turned himself in on the warrant Thursday afternoon and was booked into the county jail, Tucker said.

Later that afternoon, his bond was set at $25,000 per charge.

The case began early March 5 when emergency personnel were called to a home on Progress Road. A pickup had left the road and hit a mailbox, a parked car and finally the home, according to previous coverage.

Occupants of the home were not injured, but a 17-­year­-old passenger of the truck was injured and taken to a hospital. A second passenger died.