Retired veteran faces more gun charges in Biloxi, Jackson County

Travis Rayborn
Travis Rayborn

GULFPORT -- A retired veteran is facing new federal charges accusing him of lying to obtain guns from a pawn shop and at Keesler Main Exchange in Biloxi.

Travis Roy Rayborn, 75, of Gautier, has been in custody since February, when he was accused of making untrue statements to try to buy a gun from a firearms dealer at Keesler Main Exchange in Biloxi.

A new indictment filed March 10 charges him with two counts of making false statements to buy a firearm from a licensed dealer, two counts of making false statements about a prior mental-health commitment to buy a firearm and one count of possession of a firearm by a person who has been committed to a mental institution.

He completed the applications to buy a .20-gauge shotgun at Keesler Main Exchange and a .22-caliber rifle Discount Pawn between Feb. 23 and March 11, 2015.

And records say he was in possession of a .22-caliber revolver in Jackson County on Aug. 29, a criminal offense because of his mental commitment.

Rayborn is subject to a mental-health commitment and a domestic violence order.

He pleaded not guilty to the new charges Thursday.

He remains jailed without bond.

His trial is set on the May 23 criminal calendar.

Rayborn had a Bay Minette, Ala., address when the Baldwin County (Ala.) Sheriff's Office arrested him on a charge of domestic violence third degree Dec. 8, 2014.

He had a Gautier address when Gautier police arrested him Aug. 29 on a charge of exhibiting a weapon in a threatening manner and pubic drunkenness.

Robin Fitzgerald, Sun Herald staff writer, contributed to this report.