Man acting as his own attorney charged with perjury


GULFPORT -- A man accused of running from police and causing a crash that killed one driver and injured another committed perjury while acting as his own attorney in a preliminary hearing, a prosecutor said.

Jeremy Fogleman, 36, testified Wednesday his passenger was driving the bright-orange 2012 Camaro that fled police, ran a red light and hit a car that ran into another car July 8, 2015, Harrison County prosecuting attorney Herman Cox said.

But videos from a Gulfport patrol officer's dashboard camera and store surveillance cameras show Fogleman driving the car and getting out of the driver's seat after the 12:32 a.m. crash, Cox said.

Police filed the perjury charge Thursday.

Retired Seabee Edward Fredrickson, 65, was removed from life support eight days after the crash on Pass Road at Eighth Avenue. A woman driving the third car also was injured.

The hearing lasted three hours.

"It was like a Jerry Springer show," Cox said.

Fogleman, of Biloxi, spent more than half the hearing telling a story different than what the evidence shows, raised information not allowed in probable-cause hearings and tried to show the judge pictures of his children and girlfriend, Cox said.

A Gulfport police investigator testifying Wednesday said the Camaro was going 100 mph in a 35-mph zone 2.5 seconds before impact and had slowed to 65 mph a half-second before impact, Cox said.

The detective testified Fogleman's passenger said he was hitchhiking and Fogleman had offered him a ride.

Fogleman said he had bought the car a day earlier for $21,705, Cox said. Fogleman claimed he had met his passenger through a drug dealer and planned to sell his passenger the car for $28,000.

Fogleman said he had been driving the car but had stopped to let his passenger drive, Cox said. Fogleman said the man brought $20,000 and the cash was in a Taco Bell bag, which disappeared.

Fogleman said he heard the patrol car's siren, saw its lights and told his friend to stop, Cox said. The testimony was recorded, Cox said, adding Fogleman had nothing to say after the court viewed several videos.

"He has locked himself into his story," Cox said, "and it will come back to haunt him if he testifies at trial."

Fogleman was driving a 2012 Camaro on Pass Road in Gulfport, and had "burned out" his tires and sped off at 28th Street to elude Gulfport police, an affidavit said. Police have said the officer stopped the pursuit before the crash out of safety concerns.

Fogleman allegedly ran a red light at Eighth Avenue, where the Camaro hit the driver-side door of Fredrickson's 2011 Chevrolet Malibu. The Malibu then hit a 2011 Nissan Murano.

Police said they found 2.3 grams of meth in Fogleman's car.

Judge Brandon Ladner ordered Fogleman's charges from July turned over to a grand jury. The charges are fleeing in a crash causing death, fleeing in a crash causing bodily injury and possession of meth.

A Harrison County grand jury had indicted him a month before the crash on a charge involving a pursuit through East Biloxi on Aug. 27, 2014. Biloxi police said Fogleman, in a Dodge Charger, led officers on a pursuit before his car broadsided another vehicle at U.S. 90 and Beauvoir Road. A man and woman in the other vehicle were injured.

Causing a death in a crash while fleeing carries a maximum penalty of 40 years in prison. Causing bodily harm while fleeing is punishable by up to 20 years. Otherwise, a felony fleeing charge carries a five-year term.

Cox said Fogleman has at least two felony convictions and will likely be prosecuted as a habitual offender.