5 things you may not know about cyber-fraud

5 things you may not know about cyber-fraud

1. The FBI has a most-wanted list of cyber-criminals, most of them from China and Russia, and offers rewards of $1 million to $3 million for their capture. Some of those sought were trying to get plans for U.S. nuclear facilities.

2. If you use your bank card as a credit card instead of a debit card it will be the bank's money the criminals steal if the card is hacked. To be safe, don't use a combination debit/credit card for Internet payments.

3. Many people don't know they should reset the default name and password after buying a wireless router or cable modem and turn on the encryption to avoid cyber-fraud.

4. Criminals are stealing the identities of children who have Social Security numbers for parents' income tax purposes. "Who's ever going to (notice) a 3-year-old has a credit problem?" said Bill Hardekopf with

5. The Cybersecurity National Action Plan proposed by President Barack Obama last week suggests moving beyond passwords and adding an extra layer of security such as a fingerprint or a single-use code delivered in a text message.