'Peeping Tom' spied on Diamondhead woman, investigator says


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Michael Fredrick Madison
Michael Fredrick Madison

DIAMONDHEAD -- A man accused of spying on a woman Dec. 9 from outside her window was arrested Friday on a felony charge of "peeping Tom" voyeurism.

Michael Fredrick Madison, 51, of Diamondhead, faces a charge of voyeurism/trespass by peeping Tom, according to the Hancock County jail docket.

Chief Investigator Glenn Grannan said Madison is accused of snooping around a Diamondhead neighborhood and peering through the window of at least one woman's home.

After receiving the initial report, investigators determined Madison may have been spying on other residents as well because he was captured on video footage in a place he shouldn't have been at the time, Grannan said.

State criminal statute 97-29-61 defines a "peeping Tom" as anyone who enters a property, legally or not, and "thereafter pries or peeps through a window or other opening in a dwelling or other building structure for the lewd, licentious and indecent purpose of spying upon the occupants thereof."

Deputies booked Madison into the Hancock County jail, where he remained until posting a $25,000 bond Saturday. He is scheduled to appear in Hancock County Justice Court on Feb. 9.

A peeping Tom conviction carries a maximum penalty of five years in prison.