3rd man sentenced for 'brutal and heinous' murder of Pass Christian man

Stevie Creon Ambrose Sr.
Stevie Creon Ambrose Sr.

GULFPORT -- A Pass Christian man has been sentenced to life in prison after pleading guilty to first-degree murder in the April 2013 killing of Pass Christian man Robert Trosclair.

Stevie Creon Ambrose Sr., 30, was sentenced Friday at the Harrison County Courthouse by Circuit Judge Roger Clark.

Trosclair was 31. A medical examiner testified he died of a brain injury, stab wounds and asphyxiation by strangulation.

Ambrose was one of three Pass Christian men charged with Trosclair's murder.

His brother Rahim Ambrose received the death penalty after being convicted by a jury in June of capital murder. At Rahim Ambrose's trial, a prosecutor said Trosclair was the victim of "a two-hour beat-down at two locations."

At trial, Rahim Ambrose claimed Trosclair had stolen drugs and stereo equipment from his vehicle. Prosecutors said there was no evidence of the theft.

The third assailant, Orlander Dedeaux, was sentenced to 40 years in prison in January after he pleaded guilty to second-degree murder.

According to court testimony, Trosclair, 31, was found unconscious along Cunningham Road on April 7, 2013. His identity was unknown for two days, authorities said, until his mother read a description of him in the Sun Herald.

He died the next day.

Sheriff's investigators have said Trosclair was assaulted in front of others, including children, who were outside or looking out their windows in different neighborhoods.

He was kicked, punched, hog-tied with a ratchet strap, stabbed, strangled and hit on the head with a garden-hose reel and a tire rim, according to previous testimony.

"The investigation revealed that the defendants beat Trosclair at one location and then, after uninvolved bystanders began to show up, they put the victim in the back of a truck and took him to another location," Assistant District Attorney Crosby Parker said. "When they arrived there, they beat him again with a car tire and a hose reel, before leaving him unconscious with his hands tied together next to Cunningham Road."

During his plea hearing Friday, Ambrose apologized to Trosclair's family and confessed he had participated in the beatings that led to Trosclair's death.

District Attorney Joel Smith said Trosclair's murder was "brutal and heinous.

"The sentencing of this final defendant ends the criminal case, but the emotional heartache and loss will remain with the Trosclair family for years to come."

Robin Fitzgerald, Sun Herald staff writer, contributed to this report.