Handicapped man beaten in his home after Christmas noise dispute


A Christmas night assault of an elderly handicapped man led to the arrest of two Hancock County residents.

Hancock County Sheriff's Investigator Lynn Jones said August Kennedy, 43, and Amanda Kuhmann, 34, were arrested Saturday on charges of assault and burglary.

"Kennedy and Kuhmann and another individual were riding four-wheelers in the White Cypress subdivision in north Hancock County on Christmas evening," she said. "They were being loud and hooting and hollering -- the whole nine yards. The victim went to the street from his house and asked them to be quiet."

Jones said the victim was beaten in his front yard after making the noise request.

"They beat him up in his front yard and we responded and it seemed to be squashed," Jones said. "No arrests were made at that time and the suspects left the property."

But they didn't stay gone for long, Jone said.

"Once the man -- who is elderly -- got back in house, the three went into his house and beat him up again," she said. "Deputies went to the house and the suspects were gone but two of them were arrested the next day after charges were filed. The fact that they went into the house is why they are facing burglary charges."

The unidentified man was taken by ambulance to Highland Community Hospital in Picayune.

"The victim, who is handicapped and walks with a cane, was later released but he had some complications from the beating the following day and he had to be transported to Hancock Medical Center for additional treatment," Jones said.

She said a third arrest is expected to be made soon.