Charge dropped against cop accused of offering man $100 for oral sex

John Simerman

The New Orleans Advocate

As dirty cop stories go, the allegations leveled against New Orleans Police Department Officer Ananie Mitchell could be filed under “S,” for “skanky.”

Mitchell faced a charge of soliciting a prostitute after he was accused in March of propositioning a man who said he first met the veteran officer at Orleans Parish Criminal District Court.

Mitchell’s alleged offer, made in a series of racy text messages, was to pay $100 for the privilege of performing fellatio on the man.

“U look like u working with something nice,” Mitchell allegedly texted the man, in one of the less suggestive missives cited in a police report. “I give you a bill too.”

The FBI got involved, along with the NOPD’s Public Integrity Bureau. They bought the man who reported the solicitation what he later described as a cheap, “like $10” jacket to conceal a microphone, court records show. The jacket was too big, so they cut a hole in his clothes to make the device work, he said.

And in late February, the wired man walked up to the city gas station on Broad Street as Mitchell was filling up a city vehicle.

“I got the hundred, get in,” Mitchell allegedly told him before the man ran off.

But the case against Mitchell, who was relegated to desk duty after his March 3 arrest, broke down Thursday afternoon as he was slated to stand trial.

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District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro’s office dropped the solicitation charge after Municipal Court Judge Desiree Charbonnet refused to grant prosecutors another continuance.

The purported victim wasn’t there, and prosecutors couldn’t produce what they claimed were damaging, untaped statements from Mitchell following his arrest. Assistant District Attorney Michael Danon told Charbonnet he had pressed police for those supposed statements, to no avail.