Freed Illinois murderer headed back to prison for life

A jury Wednesday convicted a George County man -- who has a murder conviction in Illinois -- of aggravated domestic violence for beating and attempting to strangle his former girlfriend in Mississippi, District Attorney Tony Lawrence said.

David Adele, 51, arrested July 6, 2012, in George County. The jury heard from several witnesses, then sentenced him Wednesday as a habitual offender to life without parole.

Adele, convicted in 1992, served a portion of a 30-year sentence in Illinois for unlawful restraint of a victim and murder of the same woman. After his release, he moved to Mississippi, where he met the victim of his latest attack.

Lawrence said jurors deliberated about 30 minutes before finding Adele guilty.

“I am not sure how or why Illinois let this man out of prison after murdering his girlfriend,” Lawrence said. “Unfortunately, his release enabled him to find another woman to victimize.

“David Adele tried to control every aspect of the victim’s life here in Mississippi and put her through years of trauma,” he said. “She finally said enough is enough and told him to leave her home and he strangled and beat her (until) she almost died, like the woman he did the same thing to in Illinois.

“I am proud of the courage it took for the woman in Mississippi who this defendant abused to stand up against him. As a result of her courage, the investigation by law enforcement and the Mississippi criminal justice system, the defendant will never be able to hurt another woman.”

Assistant District Attorney Leilani Tynes, who assisted in the prosecution, said, “This defendant abused this victim for a year and a half. He beat and strangled her until she feared she would lose her life that day.”