Pascagoula man says fake police officers pulled him over

PASCAGOULA -- A motorist has reported two men pretending to be plainclothes police officers stopped him for an alleged traffic violation and let him go, police Lt. Doug Adams said.

The man filed the report Wednesday night, saying one of the men drove a vehicle equipped with blue lights and both were driving older-model Chevrolets, wore hats and jackets and had badges.

The man thought it was suspicious because of the vehicles were older and the so-called officers never identified their law enforcement agency, Adams said.

One car is believed to have been a Cavalier and the other a Caprice.

"We've called every agency in surrounding areas and nobody has anyone fitting the description of the vehicles," Adams said.

Anyone with information to help identify the men is asked to call police at 762-2211 or Mississippi Coast Crime Stoppers at 1-877-787-5898.

"You have the right to ask an officer what agency he is with," Adams said.

Aside from narcotics and related investigations, it has to be something unusual for plainclothes officers to pull over a motorist, but it does happen, he said.

"I drive an unmarked car, and if I pull you over for some reason, I'm going to call a marked unit to meet me," Adams said. "That way it's pretty evident."

If you have doubts, slow down "so it doesn't appear that you're running," and drive to a safe area, he said.

"If it's truly an officer, he will understand what you're doing," Adams said.