Five-time felon sentenced as habitual offender

Nicholas Terrell Durr
Nicholas Terrell Durr

GULFPORT -- A five-time felon who was armed when he fled Gulfport police, plowing across residents' yards, has been sentenced as a habitual offender on two more felony convictions.

Nicholas Terrell Durr, 42, was sentenced to nine full years in prison without the possibility of parole, District Attorney Joel Smith said.

Judge Chris Schmidt sentenced Durr on guilty pleas to possession of a firearm by a felon and fleeing police. Schmidt sentenced him Monday in Harrison County Circuit Court.

Gulfport police had tried to arrest Durr in a traffic stop on misdemeanor warrants Nov. 12. He was wanted on charges including contempt of court.

Durr refused to stop and sped through Gaston Point, running stop signs and driving through residents' yards, Assistant District Attorney Christopher Carter said.

Durr admitted he lost control of his vehicle and crashed into a parked car at 11th Street and Dixie Avenue, then got out and tried to run. Police caught up with him and he resisted arrest. A handgun fell from his coat pocket during a brief struggle.

Carter said Durr told the court he had tried to get rid of the gun before he was caught.

Carter said Durr "drove recklessly through a residential area in the middle of the day with no regard for pedestrians and other vehicles on the road."

Durr was convicted in state court of sale of a controlled substance in 1992, receiving stolen property and possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance in 1997.

He was convicted in federal court of drug possession in 2001 and possession of a firearm by felon in 2003.

A grand jury review for habitual offender status focuses on convictions on felonies, not misdemeanors.

Durr has served time in the county jail on misdemeanor charges from 2014 including simple assault and petit larceny, and was fined on charges including disturbing the family peace, driving without a license and contempt of court. He served time in 2013 for resisting arrest and contempt.

He had been arrested in 2013 on four felony drug charges involving meth, cocaine and marijuana. Those charges were passed to court files.