Facebook helps catch dancing woman, man accused of stealing from liquor store

D'IBERVILLE -- Police say they've arrested a woman who danced as she stole a bottle of liquor, unaware she'd been caught on camera, and the man accused of stealing liquor with her.

Police arrested Biloxi residents Barbara Jean Fielder, 38, and Jacob Keith Posey, 24, Wednesday from an incident Oct. 8 at Dang's Liquor & Wine on D'Iberville Boulevard.

The video went viral after the store's owners posted it on their Facebook page Saturday. By Wednesday afternoon, owners said the video had 256,496 views.

News of the arrests caught the attention of the liquor store's customers.

"We've had a lot of customers come in and they'd start laughing and dancing," Minh Dang said later Wednesday. He co-owns the store with Brittany Nguyen.

Dang said he was pleasantly surprised to learn police had made arrests.

He and Nguyen had not reported the shoplifting to police, saying they didn't think police would be able to catch the couple.

Dang said he had reported a couple of crimes from his previous store to police.

"My other business didn't have a Facebook page," he said. "So we put this on Facebook."

Police called them after learning of the incident.

The video shows a woman, dressed in jeans and a pink shirt, shoving a liquor bottle in her purse and then dancing. The man appeared to stuff bottles in his pants.

Owners said the couple didn't buy anything, but walked out with their hidden bottles.

Dang said he won't think twice next time thieves hit his store.

"I'll call the police, definitely," he said.

Hines said police identified the couple through tips from the community.

Police arrested each of them on a misdemeanor shoplifting charge. Fielder's charge is second-offense shoplifting. Fielder and Posey each have a $1,000 cash bond.

However, they're each held without bond on felony probation violations.

Fielder was on probation for accessory after the fact to the generation of hazardous waste from the manufacture of meth, according to the Harrison County jail docket.

Posey was on probation for possession of a stolen firearm.